Gerard Long at Malibu Fellowship on 2-19-17

It’s always was encouraging to get God’s confirmation of what you feel God has purposed in your heart to share this morning. What has already happened here has really been a confirmation of what the Lord has put in my heart to share.

Because I want to share this morning about the Balm of Gilead. Who knows what the Balm of Gilead is? Have your heard of the Balm of Gilead? Not many people know much about it, but it’s a fascinating description. If you are with your bible, you might want to just turn to Jeremiah chapter 8.

So I want to turn to share with you a little bit about the balm of Gilead. This was an ointment, a lot like homeopathic stuff today. This was the premiere homeopathic treatment in done in biblical times. And it came from the sap of the balsam tree, otherwise known as the Terebinth tree. Those trees were often described as the oaks of Palestine. The sap was collected, sometimes naturally but other times the tree would actually be cut and it will be sliced and the sap would come out and it had an incredible power in that particular sap and it was very very valuable and that they should fight wolves over getting to where those trees were. It was so valuable. So let’s notice that’s the balm of Gilead in v.20 – 22. It’s actually a prophetic word and I, as I was reading this. I thought the Lord already put it in my heart that this not only a word for us today to encourage us in our own works in who we are in God. But actually it’s a prophetic word for all times. This was said at a time when the children of Israel had consistently turned against God, consistently disobey God. And as God had foretold again and again, “If you go against me, guess what, judgement is coming and it won’t go well with you. And this was just before the Chaldeans, otherwise known as the Babylonians were gonna come and they’re gonna defeat the children of Israel and they’re gonna take them off in the captivity and God has forewarned them in Jeremiah saying that this is gonna happen. And the prophetic word, I think that God is speaking today this morning to us, to the church on a wider scale, is that God is real in the end days.

We’re in the last seconds of the age. And Jesus is just about to come back. Now, some of us would say “Wooh, Fantastic!” And I am one of those. But on the other hand, It’s a, when you think about it, it’s a terrible thing, really, in one sense because; there’s millions of people who don’t know Jesus. And they need the Balm of Giliead. So here’s what God is saying. So, some people would say that verse 20 is one of the most haunting verses in scripture because God is speaking about, (right). The time has come to an end. You see, God gives us, humankind, time, isn’t He? To repent and it is said that Jesus has been held from coming so that no one would perish. And every day, more people come to know Jesus. But there’s gonna be a time, when God says “That’s it; time has come to an end for this age”. And Jesus will come back and those who are in Christ will be with Him for eternity, those who aren’t in Christ will be apart from Him for eternity. Think about that.

And here, He is describing what’s happening now with the children of Israel, okay. The Chaldeans, the Babylonians are gonna come down. They’re gonna ravish the land it’s terrible judgement coming on the land. And God says. “Harvest has passed, time has come to an end, summer has ended and we are not saved. For the brokenness of the daughters of my people I am broken; I mourn. God mourns for people; you know God’s heart is broken for the lost. He feels for the lost. Dismay has taken hold of me, is there no balm in Gilead?” Now what’s this balm talking’ about here in this particular phase. It’s a prophetic word. What is he looking forward to? Anyone who wanna say, what’s that balm looking forward to?

Audience: Healing.

Preacher: Healing. And it’s healing that comes through the blood of Jesus. See, the balm of Gilead is a type of the blood of Jesus that’s when proper healing comes. It’s through the blood of Jesus which was shed on the cross. The healing for the whole world is available, through the blood of Jesus. So as you know, all though the Old Testament, who is he pointing to? Jesus. This is foretelling “Hey, there is a healing that’s gonna come and it’s gonna come thru my son Jesus Christ”. And it’s His blood shed on the cross, by His stripes we are healed. By the cutting of His body, by the brokenness of His body, his blood was shed, and this blood is the real healing that comes. This is picture of the blood of Jesus that was being set free. Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then has not the health of the daughter of my people been restored? So God’s heart is broken for what is about to happen. Is God’s heartbroken for today? You bet it is. God’s heart, it breaks over what He sees here on this earth. And He is looking for this healing balm to come. What is the healing balm? It is the blood of Jesus that we carry with us.

I wonder what I wanna share with you this morning is that we literally are carrying the presence of Jesus with us. And it’s through us that He wants this healing balm to come, through the very life of Jesus. That’s why your testimony this morning was so good. You brought life to that person, you brought encouragement. We are here to be salt and light on earth, to bring the very light of Jesus here in our community and in the world, to point people to God. The only media between God and the man is the man Christ Jesus, and we carry.

Colossians 1:27 says this – Christ in you, the hope of glory. So we are literally carrying the very presence of God with us. And so wherever we go, we carry this healing balm. It’s the balm of Jesus. It brings healing to the land. Just our presence brings a healing. Just being with people because Christ is in us, brings a healing. And guess what? God is determined to bring His son out through us.

So I want us to look this morning at how God has pre-destined us. In Romans 8:29, if we —- … could we just we bring that up.

We, He has pre-destined us. He is determined that Jesus will come out through our bodies. How many people know that?  God is working in us to will and to act for His good pleasure. Through our circumstances, through our lives, God wants to bring the life of Jesus so that more and more, we are manifesting His life. More and more, wherever we go, people get a touch of God through us. We, we carry the healing balm of Gilead, if you like. We carry it with us in a most remarkable way. Those for whom he foreknew, those of us who are with Christ Jesus, He knew us from the creation of the universe. He knew our names; He knew that we’ll be here this morning. And for those of us whom he foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son. So we see what Jesus is doing. That’s why it’s so powerful, we are praying for healing this morning. Because that’s what Jesus did. Wherever he went, he prayed for people to get healed. He cast out the demons, He set the captives free. He brought good news to the poor. He brought life to those who were in prison. And guess what? He is saying I want you to do the same thing, and He is determined. He has pre-destined us to have this wonderful worth he’s got in our lives. So we will be the firstborn among many brothers.

So, let’s just turn if we may to Matthew 16:21 to 27.

So it is, it’s a very interesting chapter this because it starts with some manifestation and revelation of what’s going on for Peter. They were trying to say, He said “Who do people say that I am?” and Peter said “You’re the Messiah, the Son of God” and Jesus say correct and I’m gonna build my church in this revelation and understanding of who I am. But He also warned them, He said; watch out for the leaven, watch out for the leaven of the teachings of the Pharisees. Watch out for the mindset that comes in that’s gonna spoil what I’ve plan for you in your lives. And so now, we get into this situation where Jesus began to speak to his disciples about things that was gonna happen. In Him is the lifeblood of creation. The very life of God inside Jesus is gonna be shed for us. And so He starts to speak about the fact that he has to go through brokenness. So He said (to his disciples), He must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things form the elders and the chief priest and scribes, and be killed, and be raised the third day. Now imagine I’d be walking with Jesus during that time, Him saying that– is a bit shocking.  Peter took him aside, so Peter just had a revelation of which Jesus was, the Messiah, and now he feels embolden to take Jesus aside and that He rebuked him. Amazing in isn’t it? See, we can be up in the hill and we can be quickly down the valley as well. So he starts to say to Jesus, “Good forbid it Lord, this shall never happen to you”. But Jesus turned to Peter and He said “Get behind me Satan”. Quite a rebuke isn’t it? Quite a rebuke, “Get behind me Satan”. You are a stumbling block to me.

See, we can have God’s voice coming through us and God can speak through us but very easily, we can allow Satan’s voice to come through us, as well. The tongue can be a source of great life, for others, it can be a source of great death, as well and destruction. So be careful of what we are saying. For one minute he’s confessing Christ, the next minute he is trying to discourage him from the purposes of God.

But here’s what Jesus to him. It’s very interesting. You are a stumbling block to me for you are not setting your mind on God’s interest but on man’s. Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone wishes to come after me,” … Who wants to come after Jesus? He’s turned to his disciples, you see we can be born again, but who wants to really follow Jesus? Yeah? We wanna follow Jesus, so okay. He said to his disciples – anyone would follow me, here’s what you got to do. “You are to deny yourself and take up your cross and follow me. Whoever wishes to save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” And he said. “What will it profit a man if he gains world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? For the son of Man is going to come in glory of His father, with His angels and He would repay or reward every man according to his deeds.” I love one of the songs that we heard, we sang early on, when it says He is coming with his reward. So now, he starts to look forward to what’s gonna happen, when Jesus comes back. So he is saying to them, guys, if you really wanna follow me, guess what, you’re got to lay your life down. You got to take up your cross. You got to allow to this lifeblood within you, if you like, sad to speak— it’s the very life of Jesus. You would allow yourself to be broken to allow my life to come out you. Are you still following? You still wanna follow me?

And I believe that when you see the power of God released throughout the history is because people have laid their lives to Him. They followed Jesus in the way that He is saying here. They haven’t got in their mind the things of man. Because the things of man, the things of flesh say “Hey I wanna have a happy, tappy life.” Other one had gone the way of brokenness, another one had gone the way of the cross. Have you had any teaching like that in the west of world? Just a little bit. Why is there no power? Because the power is in the Cross. Jesus, he laid him down, he allowed himself to be broken. And he said if you wanna follow me, just like Christ you’ve got to go the same way. But when you do, the life, my life in you, Christ in you, the hope of glory is gonna come pouring now. And there’s gonna be a great outpouring of the kingdom of God. And you look thru history, if you look thru revivals, awakenings where people lay their lives to Him. So a lot of a great awakening is going on to China now and over Asia and Africa is on the backs of the martyrs of the real followers of Jesus Christ who allow Christ in them to come pouring out. So I wanna encourage us that God is determined that this will happen in our lives. That he will lead us in a way that we lay our lives to him. That Jesus will come out in a powerful way.

So we just turn into 2 Corinthians 4:7 to 18, and we just see when the apostle Paul went thru and you see all, every man and women of God. You won’t find anyone who was powerfully used by God who didn’t go through the cross and the Kingdom of God came pouring out. It’s not a popular thing to talk about, because the flesh, the things of man, they wanna go there. And our culture is no, look off yourself, protect yourself and yet Jesus came from the glory of heaven, laid his life, then that we may have life. Amazing! And so God is calling us in this way to say, hey I gona do whatever you want Lord, I surrender everything to you.

Pastor (Jonathan):  I got to say something

Preacher: Yeah,

Pastor (Jonathan): You know last week, I got, part way thru my talk which is typical come to a good break. The other passage I had that I was gonna talk is this one.

Preacher: Is that right? Is that so?

Pastor (Jonathan): We didn’t collaborate.

Preacher: Alright, that’s right, we didn’t (applause)

Praise God! God is saying to us this morning, a powerful way. So this is the apostle Paul, alright. An amazing man of God. Just have a look at some of the things he went through. “We have this treasure in earthen in vessels, surpassingness of the power may be of God and not of ourselves.” It’s got to be of God, of God pouring through us.

We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not despairing; persecuted but not forsaken, strucked down but not destroyed.” Any of us recognize any of those things? Yeah? Have you ever felt despair, in despair, yeah just a little bit? Guess what, you’re in the sweetest fall, you’re in the sweetest fall. God’s working in you. You are right where God wants you to be and he is bringing out the life of Jesus in you. Praise God. Crushed, “afflicted in every way but not crushed, perplexed but not despairing, persecuted but not forsaken, strucked down but not destroyed. Always carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus, the life of Jesus may also be manifested thru us”. I love this passage. Paul is basically saying that as we got crushed as we are broken, as we pour our lives out. Guess what? The life of Jesus comes pouring thru us.

Now look what happens out here when he says, “for we who live are constantly being delivered over to death” okay, anyone who felt like dead? Having a tough time? You’re in the sweetest fall. You’re in the sweetest fall. “delivered over to death for Jesus’ sake, so that the life of Jesus also may also be manifested in our mortal bodies”: We’ll just go on there, just a little bit more, and it’s alright. So death works in us, but life works in you, you get the picture? We lay our lives down so that the blood of Jesus, the balm of Giliead if you like can come pouring out. Praise God. That’s what we are here for. We are our futurist, well and truly secured, we know where we are going. But we’re here as his hands and his feet to let his love and His power come out. “And having the same spirit of faith, according to what is written, I have believed, therefore have I spoken; we also believe, therefore also we speak; knowing that he who has raised the Lord Jesus shall raise us also with Jesus, and shall present us with you. For all things are for your sakes, that the grace abounding through the many may cause thanks, giving of thanks to abound to the glory of God.”

So he‘s basically saying, as I lay my life down, grace is being released. This is on the unseen world. As we lay our life down, the grace of God is is being released. In an unseen world, it is reaching more and more people. What is the result of it? Thanksgiving unto God. Because when people get touched by the grace of God, thanksgiving starts to flow and it’s all for God’s glory.

“Therefore we do not lose heart.” Sometimes we lose hear a little bit, are we. Therefore we will not lose hear though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day. For momentary, light affliction are achieving for us an eternal weight of glory that far outweighs them all. Therefore we fix our eyes on what is seen, but to what is unseen for what is seen is temporary but what is unseen is eternal. And we fix our eyes on the things that really count. Those are the eternal things, Praise God.

So that’s how God is working in us, we are destined. I wanna just say this. We are destined to triumph. So can we put out 2 Corinthians 2:14 – yes, we go through these things? Yes it’s tough at times it seems to go on and on but guess what, our destiny us to triumph. Our destiny is to come thru into great triumph but thanks be to God who always lead us in triumph in Christ and look what it says here. And manifest through us the sweet aroma- that’s the Balm of Gilead, so wherever we go, the sweet aroma, the very presence of Jesus comes pouring out, of the knowledge of Him in every place. Hallelujah.

Time is running out, so I can’t go into a lot of details but let’s just turn into Genesis 37:25 Very briefly I wanna go through the life of Joseph and I’m gonna end up just talking about, how practically how it impacts our life. So, you know the story of Joseph, he wasn’t wise as a young man. Often, young men aren’t particularly wise. He started the boasting to his brothers in the — of all the great things that God is gonna do thru his life. But he didn’t deserve what he got, terribly got beaten out by his brothers, thrown into the cistern. And they were gonna kill him and thankfully they decided not to kill him. And they decided to sell him to a group of merchants. Now these merchants had come from Gilead. Interesting? What were they carrying? The Balm of Gilead. They were carrying the balm of Giliead? With some other things as well, but the Balm of Gilead. What does that picture speaking of? It’s saying that God was right with Joseph and he was just about to start working in his life. Preparing him for something great that is about to come. He is preparing us for something great that God wants to do in our lives.

Our destiny is to triumph. Our destiny is to do great things for God and even when we’re given over to the flesh, they were Ishmaelites, where they came from? Ishmael. Where did Ishmael come from? – The flesh. And sometimes, God gives us over to (thing) bad things happen to us. Things happen in our lives that aren’t good. It’s a broken world and God allows the brokenness of this world to impact us. Anyone being impacted by the brokenness of this world? Probably all of us haven’t we? God why are you allowing this to happen? He allowed it to happen to Joseph. Why was he allowing it to happen? Because He had a big vision of what He wanted to happen in Joseph’s life. And that’s what he wants to do in our lives; He’s got great vision for what he wants to do. So God is putting his hand on straight away his hands saying “Hey this is the sign that I am with you. It’s the balm of Gilead, it’s going with you.” And you know the story went off town. He was sold down to Egypt to Potiphar , who was in charge of Pharoah’s, Pharoah’s god, His security please if he like. And it says there that God prospered him so even when he was going thru a terrible trial God still brought prosperity into his life. God blessed him. And we can claim that as well. Whatever we are going thru God wants to bless us in that place. May not be the sweetest place you wanna be but guess what you can claim it. God wants to bless you there. You know what happened to him he was there ten years working for Potiphar and then all through that time, Potiphar’s wife had her eyes on Joseph and she tries to seduce him. You don’t remember the story and often for us when we’re going thru things it’s not so much the trial itself, it’s the voice in the trial which is the hardest thing.

Have you ever experienced that? God’s not with you? He’s not here anymore? Satan wants to come and beat you up. Well this woman was trying to drag him down and drag him into sin. And we know that he was walking with God because he said “How can I sin before God?” So he was holding on in faith. But you know what happened? She got hold of his cloak and she accused him of trying to sexually abuse her and Potiphar throw him into jail. Now it’s gotten even worse going from a slave now he is a prisoner. And he is in jail. And he’s in jail for at least two years, we know that, and the cupbearer and the baker for pharaoh were thrown into jail the same time. And they had two dreams Joseph told them what the answers to the dream he says, “By the way when you get out, get me out of here will you.” I don’t like it. We know from Psalm 105 he had around his neck he had this collar and he had shackles on. So it was a very restricting, constraining place to be in. And sometimes when we are going thru tough time it feels that though we are constrained. It feels though you are in prison. It feels though you can’t get out from it. It’s your constrained but guess what, you’re in the sweetest fall. God’s working in you in that time to bring you to triumph for him. So Joseph thinks this is great you know the story the cupbearer gets out, uhm, as Joseph had foretold the baker loses his life. He’s killed. The cupbearer forgot everything about Joseph. And two years go on, he is still in prison. Yes God blessed him in there and he still had favour but he’s two years on in that trial. Cause on and on and eventually you know the story pharaoh has a dream and the cupbearer says “Oh goodness, I forgot all about it. This poor Hebrew guy. Back in prison, I said I’d do something about and I forgot all about him.” And he comes out and he tells the pharaoh his dream and again he kept faith because we’re told when he had the opportunity to take a bit of kudos for himself, pharaoh said “To my understanding, you couldn’t give dreams.” He said, “No I can’t.” Only God can do that.” He had faith. He held on in faith as to what was going on. So he comes out. He, you know the story; he tells the pharaoh what exactly what the dream means. He goes from being a prisoner to being prime minister of the most powerful nation in the world that time. And that’s what God wants to do in our lives. Suddenly, things can turn around for us. Suddenly, God can bring us into great victory and great triumph. But guess what, it takes time. And that’s something that in our world that we live in, in our McDonald’s and well what you want, fast food and everything else. We want to hang on, do we? But you look to any person in the bible it took time. Abraham 25 years had to wait and till Isaac was born. Moses, 80 years he had to wait. David had to wait 15 years till he was crowned as king over all of Israel. Jesus, 30 years and we hear little or nothing about Him. And He then had 3 years of powerful ministry over see. Apostle Paul had to wait. And so it’s thru faith and patience that we enter into these promises.

So I want to just end up on a personal, now just go thru 7 keys for those of us who know that were going thru a time where God’s doing a deep work with us bringing us into our destiny, to triumph in Him. My experience, it tends to go like this in our Christian walk. Alright. He brings you to a promotion and then you go to another period of trial, into promotion another period and it goes on and on but guess what he’s taken us higher and higher for his glory.

So the first thing, the first message I want to say is, number one, lessons in the trial, God is with you and he will never forsake you. And that’s one of the great things of faith is that we hold on, even when every circumstance says, “God’s not here. He’s forgotten you. He’s abandoned you.” No he hasn’t. First thing you hold on in faith. “Lord I may not understand what you’re doing but I trust you. I trust you.” Hebrews 13:5 “I’ll never leave you nor forsake you.”

Number two. Expect favour even in the trial. Expect God to bless you. Look out for those blessings, whenever you are in that trial.

Number three. It’s a time of training for what is coming next. Make the most of it. It’s a time of training for what’s coming next. So when Moses was waiting for 40 years he was on the other side of the wilderness, guess what he was learning the ways of the desert. Why would that help him later on? Yeah? He got to know the lay of the land. He got to know the way of the desert. So when he was brought in to his place that God had for him, God can use it. Joseph was in Pharaoh’s, in Potiphar’s court, what did he get to learn? The ways of the Egyptians. The ways of how they worked. It was 10 years close to what was going on. David was learning to be a great man. A great warrior. Why was that? Because he was the king who cleared out all the enemy from the land. He learned how to fight. And where we are in our situation now, whatever God’s called us to do, learn what He’s teaching you in this particular time. What skills are you learning? Yes you’re learning patience. As maybe the most important characteristics is patience. And the fruit of the Spirit that comes out these in these times. But He’s preparing you for what He’s got later on. So be mindful. Don’t waste the time. Cause one time when you cannot get promoted, God’s gonna say right now you can use the skills I put in your life. Make the most of the time. Of this time wherever you may be. Learn in it.

Number four. Satan will attack. The voice in the trial can be worse, I mentioned this. One part of our ministry, waiting to God ministry is that we minister to the people who’ve gone thru broken hearts. And have experienced suicide in their lives. Cause it’s you know, we’ve experienced that. And one of the people we are helping, she’s struggled so much recently with the thought that her son who committed suicide has not given his heart to Jesus and was not in heaven. Satan was beating her heart and really messing her heart. Where’s all the evidence point to the fact that he had made a commitment to Jesus Christ. Yes he made a terrible mistake and it was heartbreaking obviously for her what had happened. But we could assure her he’s in heaven. And you’re gonna see him again. Praise God. You see, Satan was getting in there to try and beat her heart and give her a terrible time. And so somehow you can’t ask in those times that are really tough. The voice in the trial and he’s trying to beat us up in it. So be aware of that. He’ll try and kick us to pieces when we’re down if you like. Patience is really important in all of these. Haven’t always. Ok Lord, I don’t necessarily like all of these. I don’t like these chains around my neck. I don’t like these shackles on me. It’s not comfortable. But guess what, I will be patient and wait for your deliverance. I’ll try and not make deliverance out on my own. One of the ways we can mess up God’s works in our lives is if we go early. We don’t wait for God. Wait for the Lord. Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Let him bring you into promotion. We don’t try and promote ourselves. Praise God.

Number six. God would take you to your wits end corner. All right? Any who’ve been at his wits end corner? Well, actually it’s a Psalm. It’s in Psalm. It’s in Psalm 107. They were all out on the seas, and talked about they are at wits end. That’s where the phrase comes from.  Wits end corner. Why does God take us to that point? So that He knows what is in our hearts. So that our hearts can be prepared. Even Jesus, even though he was perfect, he was tested to prove that he was perfect. Talks about that in Hebrews, amazing. And it’s the same pattern for us. God would take us to a point where He says, now I know that you are ready for what I’ve got for you. So we see that in Abraham. God waited until he had that knife above his son Isaac. He was right out there with the knife and the angel called out and say “Hey, wait!” Now I know, God said, “Now I know”. You think, well didn’t God know before? Why he seemed to want to wait until he got to that point. So God will take us to wits end corner. Hang on in there. Wait for God. He’s just testing our hearts and preparing us. He needs vessels. He says he is looking for body whereby He can move by His spirit. He is preparing us for great moves of God.

And Number 7. Triumph is just around the corner. Now I just, we just, Virginia and I just been through a season of uhm, a tough time, tough time. And I wrote it down in my phone here darkest hours. Darkest hours. Well, in one sense, when our children went home, that is our darkest hour but that we carry that with us all the time. But this last several weeks, up until about a week ago. It was a really, it was a tough time.  And one thing after the other is going wrong. It was so, you know, God was just like Joseph at the end of 2 years. God moved me into this long enough, you know. It’s been 12 years, you know. We are looking for you to turn this frown for triumph and see our victory.  And just like Joseph at the end of 2 years in prison; “Isn’t it time now God?”, you know. We got enough of this saddest fate. And we, Jeanie was ill, I was ill. I had this huge yeast infection in my stomach and pretty rough with that. Jeanie was unwell, Jeanie’s mom’s gonna come off for Christmas and we are staying in a different house. It was all setup to be wonderful. Two days before she was due to fly out she fell and fractured her pelvis. My mom, she had this terrible migraine and we thought it was a small stroke, couldn’t speak. We have people who ran in our house in Chicago. They were going bad on us for not paying. You know the story of the app?

We‘ve got an app coming out for the–what we need God to do today. That was, that keeps going on and on. We have all this glitches. It wasn’t working on and on and on, one thing after the other after the other. It just seemed that there’s wasn’t going right. And so, we would just cry it out to God. Jeanie just reminded me this morning. We were walking on the beach and we said let’s, Jeannie had the other “Let’s put this stake on the ground, enough is enough of this fate. C’mon, enough is enough.” So we got this from the driftwood and we both put our hands and say  “That’s it, No more!” And that it’s time for that period of testing to come to an end. Praise God. And literally from that time forward, thing’s change. I have, I did say that Ben has been radiated my son in U.K. being radiated. Now, he is much, much better. He’s just about to get his amazing job in London. Jeanie and I are just feeling up a 100% which is amazing. Our mom is out of the hospital. Our rent is now paying off. Praise God! (aplause, thumbs up sign) O it helps

And we were down, where we live just along in Malibu Hill, and as we were walking down, this lady came running after us, called out “Jo, Jeannie, hey wait!” So she came running down to us and she said. “I just wanna let you know,” she said “I’ve been watching your video, twelve times”, she said.  Some of you might have seen in online. Talking about going through sufferings and everything and were just been giving our story. She said “It’s been so touching in my life; it has brought healing to me” she said “watching this video”. The next day we were going out with some friends over in West Lake and this guy –didn’t know this. He said, they are going into a tough time, they are in their darkest hour, he said over this last week, and he said “I’ve been watching all of your videos” he said. “And I felt this really healing touch coming out and felt restored from it”. And I was “Thank you Lord, thank you Lord.” You know, when we‘re weak there we are strong.  And you see we don’t realize how much God, this balm of Gilead, the very presence of Jesus is working thru us is working to bring healing to other people. Praise God!

Now, we are expecting way much more. This app, we’ve got good news on the app. We got a great team coming out. So have now peaked it up, they’re gonna completely do it in a beautiful way. I’ve already seen it. So it will be coming out early in March, probably around the 10th of March, we hope. Praise God! And our prayer, you can pray with us, our prayer is that, literally, there would be hundreds of thousands of people who would use that to draw near to God. And we’ll see a great breakthrough of the Kingdom of God. Uhmm.. Has it been tough? Yes. And I’m sure there will be some more to the going forward. But that’s what it’s about. That’s what we signed up for, isn’t it? We signed up to say I wanna follow you, Jesus. We signed up to say “Take this vessel, take it vessel and use it for your glory. And by your grace I’m gonna hang on until times out and you come back Jesus. And you finally wrap all this up”. And guess what, He’s coming back with some rewards as well. Hallelujah! A lot that’ll be, don’t you? Amazing rewards that goes through eternity. Praise God! Well, I’m looking for them now as well. I’m greedy, hahaha (laughs). No, because Jesus said it. He said whoever gives her houses and brothers and sisters and children and spouses will receive a hundredfold now and through eternity. We never lose out in God, do we? We never lose out in God.

So, God want everyone of us, this Balm of Gilead, the very blood of Jesus that we carry with us and in us. He wants us to be his hands and feet to bring healing in our days, in these last seconds of this age.  And Boy, do we need healing don’t we? Boy, we need healing in our land and across the world. We would be his very hands and feet. To be his priest,  to those who reconcile  between man and God so when Jesus comes back, they would be millions of billions of people who would go with Him and not perish and we will bring a smile to God’s face because through us, he will have more sons and daughters for His glory. That’s what this is all about isn’t it? Praise God, Hallelujah. So, let’s just… Do you wanna say something?

Let’s just be still if there is any…, just wait from the Holy Spirit from here. And let’s see if there‘s anything the Holy Spirit would want to do to bring any specific words of knowledge. We believe in the power of God here and the work of the Holy Spirit. Any healings, we will call them out.

[1:35 Prayer]

So, Lord, we thank you, we thank your faithfulness to us, even when we are not faithful, you remain faithful to us. But we thank you for your work in our lives, Lord. That you’ve committed to bring us into the image of your precious son Jesus. And Lord we want to just renew our vows to you again this morning. In your hearts you might wanna say “Lord, whatever, I wanna follow you, whatever that cross may mean to me, I wanna take it up, I wanna follow you, I want you to use me Jesus for your glory. Whatever that might be use me for your glory. Bring your kingdom in through me.” Thank you Lord. By His grace, by his grace he will enable us to do that. Thank you Lord.

So we thank you, Lord. Thank you for your Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit we just welcome you here this morning. We welcome you. And we just ask you to come. Come right now. Just so, come out and we would receive now.

Maybe, you’re feeling discouraged. I just wanna speak to discouragement this morning. The main ways which Satan works to undermine our faith is disappointments. Maybe people have let you down. Maybe situations have let you down. Disappointments, discouragements, I wanna name those things to deal with those things this morning. We brushed those things off. I wanna speak against fear this morning, fear of going forward, fear of entrusting everything to God. That’s where Satan works in fear, we don’t have that. Perfect love cast our fear. We just speak those things out. We are not gonna have fear in our lives. Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord. Hallelujah!

I wanna speak to those who’ve been unsettled, duly unsettled recently. God wants to bring you peace. As His promise, “My peace I give you, My peace I live with you. I don’t give you as the world gives.” We can have everything going wrong on the outside but we can have peace inside. Hallelujah! Peace this morning. Those who wanna receive peace. His peace, we receive it this morning. Thank you Lord. You’ve never let us go, you never will let us go, Lord. Thank you Lord. We have peace in that. In Jesus Name

Thank you Lord for the Balm of Gilead. Thank you that healing, healing flow through the blood of Jesus, this morning. Healing flow, if anyone wants to receive healing this morning, just be open.  We just thank you that healing flow. We pray for you, we pray for you for anything you need for healing. Thank you Lord, Jesus, Jesus. Hallelujah!

Lord, we thank you for the joy this morning, as well. We just like claim if you have been lacking joy recently, there’s a bit of joy for you this morning. There’s joy for you this morning. His joy is our strength. He has never promised us an easy life. In fact, he said he we will have trouble but He has promised us a victorious life and that includes joy. Hallelujah! His promise is a life of victory, a life of victory, love, joy and peace. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord!

I just wanna speak out reconciliation this morning. If there’s anyone here where relationships are being broken; maybe husband and wife, maybe with children, maybe with grandparents, cousins, friends, relationships are being broken. I wanna speak out for reconciliation. We are ministers of reconciliation, we speak healing, maybe some forgiveness is needed this morning, we just say forgive, forgive. Forgiveness is so powerful in the Kingdom of God. It releases, releases the Kingdom of God as we forgive. Some may need to forgive this morning say “Say yes Lord I wanna be a minister of reconciliation.” Thank you Lord.

What we are doing is that we’re allowing the Kingdom of God to break out through us. We’re allowing the Balm of Gilead to flow through us. To bring healing to our land, to bring healing to the land, Thank Lord, Hallelujah! Hallelujah, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Thank you. Thank you Lord. Amen.