At Malibu Fellowship we believe strongly in servant leadership.

Just like any other church, we have plenty of different places you can get plugged in and start growing in leadership and servanthood. Whether you’re looking to greet or preach, we’re sure to have a place for you. We truly believe in raising up leaders and pioneers and will do our very best to see you connected, growing, and flourishing in your God-given destiny.

Greeters and Ushers
Sometimes the most important things in a church is the feeling people first get when they walk in the doors. A smiling face and a genuine heart is an invitation to join our community and enter into a space of love and community. We’d love to see you here!

We meet in an elementary school! So, every Sunday we arrive early and stay late to set-up equipment, and then tear it down. If you’d like to get involved with this it would be a great way to meet a group of dedicated people who are willing to sacrifice to make Sundays happen.

Information Table
We’ve got an information table full of literature about next steps, community groups, our leadership, products for guest speakers, and tons of other things. If you would like to learn about what’s going on and help others do the same, this is the place for you!

We believe strongly in a culture of worship. We have 3 worship teams in rotation and are always looking for vocalists, sound engineers, and musicians to be a part of the worship experience. If you would like to get involved with this there are plenty of different ways to do so!

Ministry Team
After every service there is a time for ministry and prayer. If you’d like to pray over people, learn how to move in the prophetic and supernatural, this is the place for you!

Community Groups
We believe in community: it;s one of our core values! If you’d like to invest into the community by hosting a group, leading one, hosting one, or anything in between, let us know and we’ll make sure we make it happen!

Kid’s Church
Did you know that their is no such thing as a junior Holy Spirit? We believe in children and that God has given them vision and destiny as well. So, our Kid’s church is not just fun and games (it’s still fun though!) but full of rich teaching, mentoring, and impartation into the future leaders of tomorrow

Graphics and Media
To be a pioneer is to be creative and forward. If you have a gift in design or media, we’d love to connect with you and help invest into those gifts. Whether it be video, photography, design, music, or anything else, let us help you grow!