Jonathan Morris,  Pastor


Jonathan has been traveling to various nations for many years, training leaders and leading evangelism and church planting teams. He’s seen more than 100,000 come to faith in Christ, and hundreds of new churches and Christian groups started. Currently, his short-term campaigns are focused in the Philippines, Russia, South Asia, and East Africa.

He is also President of CMC International, a global church planting and pastor’s unity movement that has helped plant more than 25,000 churches in more than 45 countries.

Jonathan is passionate about bringing people to Christ and making disciples in many regions of the world. Through his work in SPAN, he wants to see ‘people’ movements to Christ and ‘church planting’ movements so that Christ can be worshipped “in every village.” Since 1970, he has pastored many churches in the United States.

Steven Peters, Lead Pastor

Formerly the worship pastor of Ascend, Steven is now the teaching and lead pastor of Malibu Fellowship. After 15 years in the music industry, Steven felt compelled by the Lord to build a healthy model of the church focused on discipleship and studying Scripture. Born in Indian and raised in the States he has a unique perspective on global church ministry.